UW Gear Swamp Fox MK II 5.56 Chest Rig

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UW Gear - Swamp Fox MK II 5.56/.223 AR15 Chest Rig

Quality handmade in the USA and specifically tailored to the curvature of the 5.56 magazine. The tuck tab closure system on the three magazine pouches gives you excellent retention, yet is quick to release and silent to open and close. Nothing to wear out, or clog with mud or snow.

*Please note that all UW Gear is custom made to order. See more details below...


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The UW Gear Swamp Fox II 5.56 NATO is designed to give the civilian rifleman the best platform to carry 4 mags, plus some additional kit, for more extended periods of time.  While the Minuteman II and bandoleers can be used for this purpose, they were made to be rapidly deployed in an emergency.  The Swamp Fox II is the next step in gear evolution, in that it is purpose-built for planned operations, such as patrolling or training.  With this purpose in mind, the Swamp Fox II is designed to carry more kit, longer, and more comfortably.  As with everything we make, it is designed for the civilian rifleman, in rural or urban operations, where mag retention and access are critical, but quick access is also important.


Again, in what may be a little different for some, we have chosen to fully enclose our mags in a top flap pouch, with a unique closure system.  We think that most open-top pouches are designed for certain training and competition concepts, where static speed reloads are over-emphasized.  We think that our tuck tab design has created a pouch that is quick enough to get into for the vast majority of real-world scenarios, when using sound tactical doctrine, such as reloading behind cover whenever possible.  We also think that our mags spend the vast majority of their time stored for use, and it just makes sense to cover them with a flap, especially when exposed to the elements and/or hard use.  That said, for the time when you may actually have to use your weapon, and change a mag, we don't think we are giving anything away.


The pouch itself is cut slightly higher than most out there right now, which gives it better protection, and keeps the top flap as short as possible.  There is still plenty of exposed mag to get a good grip on.  The flap itself is reinforced for extra strength and protection, and features our unique Fastab closure system.  This design uses a reinforced web tuck tab to close the flap.  It vastly simplifies the whole pouch.  No velcro, snaps, or plastic buckles.  Nothing to wear out, break, or clog with mud or snow.  It stays securely shut by using the tension of the mag against the pouch, yet opens quickly and easily when needed.  Quite frankly, there are many other designs out there to choose from.  Some are cheaper, some are more expensive.  This tuck tab design is the heart of our whole system.  We think this alone is worth the price of our gear.


The base is tailored for more extended operations or training.  It features a split front, which makes the whole rig easier to get in and out of, is cooler in hot weather, and easier to prone out in.  Since it has one more adjustment point in front, it also makes it easier to adjust for different sizes/ styles of carry, as well as different clothing layers, and for wear with body armor.  It is also designed to carry more kit than the Minuteman II.  Instead of just the bare essentials to fight with, you can now also carry more mission essential gear, such as day/night optics, larger radios, more extensive blow out kits, food, and water, etc.  It will use our new hydro bladder pouch which rigs onto the back, and nicely balances the load.  Or you can run just about any size ruck as your mission requires.


This rig is the next logical step in our gear design.  It is a culmination of several years of design work, crossing chest rigs with load-bearing vests.  We have endeavored to combine the best features of both into one rig.  Add the Fastab closure system and we think we have a unique piece of kit that best suits our needs as civilian riflemen.


*Please be advised, every UW Gear item made is custom crafted to order. Currently we are experiencing an approximate 8-12 week turnaround on UW Gear custom orders.

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