UW Gear

UW Gear's goal is to provide the prepared citizen with the support gear necessary to fight with a rifle and handgun. Although their products may be used by military and police, their primary focus is making kit that we, as armed citizens can use for come-what-may. UW Gear has distilled their designs down to what is needed to fight, nothing more, nothing less. You will not find pouches for high-end comms, flash bangs, SAW box mags, etc. What you will find is simple but sturdy gear, made for carrying your rifle and pistol support gear, plus a few other items.

 UW Gear's background includes 25+ years experience making and using tactical gear, including military service, parachute rigging, and working full time in the tactical gear industry.  From ALICE to Molle, "We've seen it, used it, or made it".  

 UW Gear combines their design ideas, with the best materials and techniques they have found to work over the years, to give you some unique kit, made for our terrain and situation, not someone else's. Best of all, it's made right here in the U.S.A.

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